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Song Charts Only

  • Get downloadable versions of all the charts in every video posted on social media for this month. (Average of 12 charts per month - Available when or before the video comes out). 
  • **Increase Monthly Charge to $22 for 1 month to receive ALL previous charts (40+ charts)

Tier 1 Rewards

  • Click the blue “LIVE-LEARN STREAM” button to gain access to the live-learn streams every Sunday 7pm - 9pm ET where your request has a chance to be learned! Don't forget to join the exclusive discord channel on the porkrollbob discord server!
  • Watch the livestream after it's over unlimited times.
  • Along with live-learns, these COOL KIDS ONLY streams are where I ask for input from the community on a wide variety of things I'm doing. So, your suggestions help shape my content!
  • I will show the COOL KIDS everything first before it's made public. You'll always be in on the “inside” of anything that's happening.
  • Song charts from social media (around 12 per month)
  • Get access to the exclusive discord channel.

Tier 2 Rewards

  • All Tier 1 rewards (listed below) and… 
  • 2x chance of your song being learned on stream
  • Access to the “Vintage Vault” where you'll have access to dozens of old recordings I've made over the years. These include unreleased ORIGINAL DEMO recordings and are available NOWHERE else. (click the blue button below).

Tier 3 Rewards

  • You'll hear every song I record before anyone else in exclusive livestream listening parties. 
  • Have a request learned at LEAST 1x per month during live-learn streams.
  • Stay at this tier for at least 2 months and receive a signed vinyl copy of my debut album “Whose Blues Is It?” for free. 
  • Receive all lower tier rewards.