Bob Denson is a life long musician and educator whose talent is in demand across New Jersey. With well over a decade in the music scene Bob has performed at some of the most respected music establishments from here to New York City. Always providing a high energy show and engaging the audience in various forms of participation, Bob connects with the crowd with witty banter and memorable songs. More recently, Bob hit the road with a group called Bob Denson's Blues in late November 2015 and burst into the limelight playing for an estimated 5,000 people in Princeton, NJ with a steady stream of gigs ever since.  Whether it is a solo jazz guitar act, acoustic guitarist/vocalist, to a full band playing anything from blues, rock, funk, Irish, jazz, country, reggae, or bluegrass, Bob Denson will deliver a well polished product every time.

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As an educator, Bob has taught perhaps ten thousand satisfied students of all ages across the planet Earth both in the capacity as a public school music teacher in several districts across the state of New Jersey, USA and as a private music instructor giving lessons in a private studio, homes, Skype/FaceTime, and studios since he was 13. A labor of love, 'Bob Ferry's Superimposition of Fingerings with Bob Denson' has really changed things. Now available, schedule permitting, are Skype/FaceTime private lessons for those in other countries who are interested in learning this fresh, incredibly intuitive and mind-altering way to look at the guitar. Mr. Denson once put it this way - "Bob Ferry had this idea decades before I met him, honed it as his lifes work and I loved it SO MUCH that I learned Adobe Illustrator (et al) just to write it down for him. Naturally, we've both contributed to the content and visual representation along the way." 

For years now, he's created his own programs in Montclair Public Schools and Newark Public Schools as a General Music Teacher, Vocal Music Teacher, Guitar Program Director, Choir Director, and Music and Movement Director. In these capacities he's put on dozens of widely successful shows of many types and given many high fives to 3 year olds in Newark and 8 year olds in Montclair. Long distance hive five in 3...2..1...awww yeaaah!! 

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Bob Ferry's Superimposition of Fingerings with Bob Denson is among my greatest achievements, so far. I could talk all day about it and am apt to. However, you should probably listen to the man himself. Guitarists, friends, fans, esteemed colleagues, ladies, and gentlemen; Mr. Bob Ferry.