Bob Denson's Blues

Whose Blues is it? Bob Denson's Blues is a four piece band centered in old school blues and rock 'n' roll with fans hailing it as much more than just a blues band. A staple of the repertoire is that it radiates outward to soul, funk, rockabilly, R&B, and other styles and feels keeping it fresh all night with consistent musicianship and improvisation. Bob Denson's Blues arrived on the scene in late November 2015 by playing for an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 at the annual Princeton, NJ Tree Lighting ceremony which also landed them a cameo in an independent film and an interview on Brooklyn's public access television. The group has since played many of New Jersey's best known blues clubs to big crowds and rave reviews, been invited to an interview and on-air live set on 88.7FM WRSU on Chris Blasco's "Listen Closely" - which you can hear clips of on this page - played Highland Park's July 4th celebration to thousands and regularly sees most fans sticking around all night, even if they only intended to stop in. Quality music does that. The most common reaction from club owners and entertainment bookers is why we are playing there and not touring. Bob delivers hard hitting solos with wide dynamic shifts while pouring out emotional vocals with eye-catching stage presence. Surrounding himself with top notch musicians, Angelo Mancuso unwaveringly thumps on bass with with a changing cast of the best drummers and keyboardists in the tri-state area.  

Bob Denson (solo)
Bob Denson is a life long musician whose talent, versatility, and professionalism continue to foster a healthy career in music. Being well versed in varied aspects of music allows him to fill an evening with most any style. Bob’s loop pedals allow him to create, record, and layer guitar, bass, and keyboard parts live and on the spot, making his solo performances full and dynamic. His original work spans genres from pop to jazz while being centered in folk, rock, and blues. Always providing a high-energy show and engaging audiences in various forms of participation, he connects with the crowd through a wide variety of memorable songs and witty banter. With the freedom to create arrangements live on stage, Bob never plays the same show twice and over two decades of professional training and performances echoing across theatres, colleges, festivals, bars, restaurants, and private events attest to that.






Jerry Ganz Band
Whether it is the Trio or Band version, this group has a powerful sound that is more than the sum of its parts. Jerry sings American classics from Sinatra, Elvis and more from the 40's 50's 60's with a smooth original crooner voice. Bob Denson plays along on guitar with a loop pedal recording parts of the songs live and then immediately playing over them creating a full band sound. Angelo Mancuso plays the upright bass keeping the music grounded and whole. As a band (with a drummer) the group has crooned and rocked the Highland Park, NJ Independence Day fireworks celebration to thousands and as a trio the group regularly performs in clubs across New Jersey. A great mix of velvety singing, soulful guitar solos, and swinging bass/drums.


These clips feature voice, guitar, and bass. Drums and keyboards are also available
Jerry Ganz Trio
  • Jerry Ganz - Vocals
  • Bob Denson - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Angelo Mancuso - Upright Bass
Farrington Sound
A duo hailing from just off Farrington Lake, Farrington Sound is an extremely versatile pair that have been working together in various incarnations for over a decade, including Bob Denson's Blues and the Jerry Ganz Band/Trio. As just the duo, the arrangement features Bob Denson singing and playing with a full sound on acoustic guitar along with loop pedals. Keyboards can be added if the situation calls for it. Angelo Mancuso keenly and precisely lays a strong foundation for the group on electric or upright bass. Can play any genre the venue requires with particular strengths in rock 'n' roll , pop, blues, classic rock, R&B, Irish folk, and jazz.
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Farrington Pond
  • Bob Denson - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Angelo Mancuso - Electric and Upright Bass, Vocals