A duo hailing from just off Farrington Lake, Farrington Sound is an extremely versatile pair that have been working together in various incarnations for over a decade, including Bob Denson's Blues, the Jerry Ganz Band/Trio, and Bob Denson's Greens. As just the duo, the arrangement features Bob Denson singing and playing with a full sound on acoustic guitar along with loop pedals. Keyboards can be added if the situation calls for it. Angelo Mancuso keenly and precisely lays a strong foundation for the group on electric or upright bass. Can play any genre the venue requires with particular strengths in rock 'n' roll , pop, swing, 50's - 60's American music, blues, classic rock, R&B, Irish folk, and jazz.
Farrington Pond
  • Bob Denson - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Angelo Mancuso - Electric and Upright Bass, Vocals